Our philosophy is to optimize costs through modern technology; technologies that serve to facilitate human life and reduce costs with maximum effect. Agility, speed, and the lightness of the equipment with which our Company works allows us to provide high-quality personalized services that evolve with the needs of each client.

LA Mercuri Production LLC provides services to Your corporate, business and broadcast customers. Training video, sales and marketing tape, DVD video production, personal video or streaming video over the Internet the Company creates effective video production programs that deliver at the best and most effective message to Your audiences.

LA Mercuri Production LLC, always in target for over 10 years. The time is gold

Reel 2015

The sky is the only human’s limit of our creativity, I am really glad to show to you the chances I had to touch our limits by working as Drone/U.A.V. Operator. Here you can enjoy my Aerial Reel 2015

Aerial Reel 2015

I am glad to present my Reel 2015 as result of my works on Movies as position of D.P., Camera Op., A.C., 2nd A.C., Drone Op., Jib Crane Op. & Underwater Op.