How much do you value your memories? Have you ever forgotten to immortalize an important moment in your life? What importance do your precious moments, your passions or your important meetings have? Have you ever paused to think whether you could stop these moments and relive them?


FREE EYES is a special service of our Company that is ideal for those that travel both for business and pleasure.

The FREE EYES service is a personalized audio-video reportage of your trip that will allow those who choose it to free their eyes and not have them stuck behind a video camera.

The Company will allow you to immerse yourself in the environment that surrounds you without any filters. In this way you will be free to read, observe things that attract your attention, and indeed, you will finally be in front instead of behind the camera. You will be able to do everything, even availing yourself with a script that you studied at LA Mercuri Production LLC. We will be able to film your loved ones, your close collaborators or your potential partners as well. It is a service intended both for the tourist as well as the professional, the Politician, the industrialist or to VIPs that understand the importance of having their own professional videographer behind the camera.

Why face uncertainty or difficulty? Why waste precious time and attention when you can concentrate on your real interests and enjoy every moment of your day?


Time is money and to give value to a product one needs experience and knowledge. For those who travel, a personalized reportage can constitute an added value to what would otherwise be a series of disconnected images. Using particular discretion, with the help of the latest video technologies and of specialized knowledge in the sector, The Company will organize your reportage, filming you in a natural manner during your trip.

You will have nothing to worry about other than following your plans; The our Company will worry about the rest.


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