Reliving historical moments and revisiting places, leave the viewers the power to formulate their own thoughts that are not – prefabricated by mass medias or by common sense.

It will focus on the period of the Inquisition, with the period of Nazi’s Predominance because its considered pieces of history where the individual, through the mass’s common thought, has perpetuated unbelievable crimes. These historical moments are far apart, they are different, about social and political structure but they are the madness of a single man, united at that one of a mass, become uncontrollable and

To tell the past is never simple, it is only a vice that can make memory and truth present, improvements and implications. Documentary is visual expressions that attempt to tell the human experience, in one fashion or another, to -document‖ reality.


Revisiting places and reliving history leave the viewer a personal choice to read. Tell through the voice of influential social scientist, psychological dynamics of mass’s thought that acts on individual’s conscience and transform it to reach a pre-arranged purpose, imposed by a leader, both religious, political and ideological aim.

Method of interpretation:

Historical stories, visually told through a fantasy character with a English native voice over mixed interviews of influential social scientists – contemporary and not. The movie will shooting in English language to a international audience (Germany subtitles).The interviews – directory of persons interviewed with a description.
Significant anecdotes from oral testimonies, will be shown with a documentary shooting technique that will increase the intensity of the place colours.

Art Direction:

The main character, a beautiful and mysterious witch, will guide us through our consciences developing an interesting conversation on the themes above. A voice over will relate to these themes.

It will study humans and the irreparable mistakes they can commit a mass, established of individuals. It will be shed light on the past that supplies to chew on the present. The witch, provocatively and sometimes wryly, questions our consciences, our souls, in relation to our contemporary problems of life.

To wonder and try to understand, thinking as an individual. Watching everything by this point of view. Oppose at conform, and do not succumb at control of -that few people‖. Feel one of a mass and be unit to improvement of human species. Believe in the power of a single person, and to be unit to preserve and procreate knowledge.


Festivals, Documentary Channels, Historical Houses, Information Centres, Libraries, Cultural Associations and schools, of each level.

Possible Partners and Promotions:

Public Agencies, Local Governments, State Institutions, Non Profit Organizations for the Holocaust victims.