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LA Mercuri Production LLC, is a Video Production Company located in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A..

The Company has been involved with Documentary Films and Videos Reportage for over 10 years in Cinema & TV Industry around the World. In addition to producing our own films, we also offer only the highest standards in Videography and Video Production Services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

From Australia, around the Europe as well in the USA, we are shooting videos with the latest video technology. During the time we have developed an excellent sense of what different clients are looking for the different videos.

We offer various types of services, which include also a personal reportage FREE EYES, especially for business men and tourists, who are coming to the USA and desire a professional innovative and confidential service.

We customize your video to get you exactly what you are looking for. We also offer custom editing services, so we can assemble hi-quality professional highlight DVDs from footage that you have or that we capture in your travel around the USA.

What We Do:

LA Mercuri Production LLC has specialized in producing broadcast – quality sales, services, marketing and training videos. Documentary style and reportage is the topic for us. Each video production is custom-made and suited to the exacting needs of our customers. The expertise of LA Mercuri Production lies in making it our business to understand Your business.

Video Production Process:

We begin the video production process by analyzing your message and critically identifying your audience. LA Mercuri Production wants to make sure that you utilize the full impact and the full power of video. We consider ourselves visual communicators. A well-developed script is our canvas and an artfully-handled camera is our paint brush. Let us craft you an award-winning masterpiece!


Luca Mercuri

aboutusBOD2(Owner of LA Mercuri Production LLC)

With 10 years experience of successful freelancing around the World, He had the opportunity to work with a broad range of cinematographers, Cinema & Tv Industry and arts peoples. Because of this, he had mastered the ability to adapt to new situations when shooting a movie. For the last 5 years He had specialized in Documentary/Reportage videos for the Broadcast film Industry. This has allowed Him to develop a lot of experience in Camera Department and Production to an advance level. His hands-on philosophy throughout all phases of production on his films are evident in his creative vision and perfectionist attitude, and a look at his past tells a story of a man destined to become a visual storyteller.

Born in Subiaco, Rome, Italy, Luca attended the University of Roma3, where he graduated with a Master Degree in Director of Cinema and TV. He was always a big dreamer, an idea guy with a creative vision that wants to do his own thing. He has worked on a variety of productions throughout his career, including several feature documentaries as well as multiple commercial spots for television broadcast.

Since then, Luca has worked as a freelance Cinematographer for several different clients including: MTV, SKY Tv, CNBC Europe, BBC as well as various Independent Productions. Since childhood he always had an interest in biographies and in others’ stories and pasts, often asking numerous questions to satisfy his own curiosity, (but not always knowing when to stop!). This inclination to want to know anything and everything about everyday people as well as a fondness for the cinema, led him to develop an interest in storytelling through documentary film making.

Luca spent 10 years in around the World working in various aspects of television and Independent Film Productions before relocating his Company to Los Angeles, California, U.S.A..

In short, his Company is able to shoot a video wherever and whenever you need, LA Mercuri Production LLC has the skills to adapt to any situation.